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Hire the tree service Dunwoody residents trust with dangerous tree removal. There are plenty of times where you could find yourself in danger if you try to remove a tree on your own. The dangers of climbing a tree and falling or using a chainsaw without experience are just too much. For the tree removal Dunwoody GA trusts, call us.  If you need a tree service in Dunwoody, GA, hire the experts at Top Tree Service Company. When you hire Top Tree Service Company, you get:

  • Professional arborist with years of tree removal and tree trimming experience
  • Affordable tree service in Dunwoody
  • Free tree health inspections and free estimates
  • The peace of mind knowing that your property will be treated with respect

tree service Dunwoody GA

The Best Tree Removal Dunwoody GA Has Ever Seen

Not all tree services in Dunwoody are created equal. We have years of experience that help us handle the biggest tree removal and tree service jobs with ease. Some tree removal companies are really just one guy with a truck and a chainsaw. If you want the best tree service Dunwoody has to offer, call us at 678-916-6040.

If you hire an unlicensed and uninsured tree service company that damages your property, you could be stuck with the bill. Trying to save money by hiring the cheapest tree service in Dunwoody, GA could end up costing you an arm and a leg. For the tree removal Dunwoody GA homeowners depend on, call us!

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When you hire Top Tree Service Company as your tree service in Dunwoody, GA, you will be hiring the best tree service Dunwoody has ever seen. The tree services that we offer are:

tree service Dunwoody

The Best Tree Health Care Company in the Atlanta Area

We are the best tree service company in the Atlanta metro area, offering low prices and great service. With some of the best arborists in Atlanta, you can rest assured that you will get the best tree service Dunwoody has ever had. You can get the best tree removal Dunwoody GA has ever seen when you call us.

How do You Hire Tree Service in Dunwoody?

When you want to hire a tree service in Dunwoody, GA, just call Top Tree Service Company at 678-916-6040, or you can fill out the form on this site. . We will be able to set you up for a free tree inspection and an estimate for whatever tree work you need to be done. When you need tree removal in Dunwoody, Top Tree Service Company can give you the most trusted tree service Dunwoody has ever seen.

tree removal Dunwoody GA

Planning Tree Services Around Dunwoody’s Weather

The weather in Dunwoody is a lot like the rest of Atlanta. Dunwoody’s hottest month is July, with temperatures of 88 degrees. January is the coldest month when temperatures touch the high 20s. Because Dunwoody gets an average of 58 inches of rain a year, and storms are common, you need an emergency tree service that you can depend on to be there when you need them the most.

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Why is Topping Trees Bad

Why is Topping Trees Bad

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24 Hour Tree Service

24 Hour Tree Service

A 24-hour tree service is only needed when you have a tree removal emergency on your hands. If you ever have to call a 24 hour tree service, you are obviously dealing with a stressful situation. Nobody wants to make that call, but when you do, you want to know that...

Signs You Need an Emergency Tree Removal

Signs You Need an Emergency Tree Removal

Sick, dead, or dying trees are not just unsightly, they also present an extreme risk to individuals, residential property, and other trees nearby. Even if the following storm does not send a dead tree collapsing onto your house, falling limbs can cause injuries as...

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Can You Trim Trees in the Summer?

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