Tree planting is the act of transplanting seedlings from a tree nursery to a permanent area for forestry and landscaping purposes. Planting a tree takes more skill than just putting a sapling into a hole you dug. Anyone can plant a tree, but the trick is getting the tree to grow and be healthy. 

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Trees can be expensive, and they need to be considered a long-term investment for your property. Trees provide your home with curb appeal, shade and they can lead to energy savings. Not to mention, trees are a vital part of the ecosystem. The arborist at Top Tree Service Company has put together a step-by-step guide to teach you the tree planting process.

  1. Dig a hole about three times as big as the root ball of the tree you’re planting. If you dig a hole that is too deep or too narrow, your roots won’t be able to expand and get the right amount of oxygen.
  2. Put the tree in the hole you just dug. It would help if you moved fast because you don’t want the roots to dry out. Delicately uncurl the roots, so they don’t face the tree’s trunk and place them in the hole.
  3. Get the positioning of the tree how you want it. A good rule of thumb is to keep the tree fifteen inches from any other trees or shrubs. Please make sure the root ball is one inch above the soil so it won’t rot as the tree starts to grow.
  4. Make sure you water the tree immediately after you plant it. Over the next couple of weeks, the tree will need about 15 gallons of water, so don’t forget to water it consistently.tree planting

What is the purpose of planting trees?

There are so many different reasons a person would want to plant a tree it’s hard to specify a single purpose for planting trees. You may like the way a certain tree looks or maybe you want some fruit trees on your property so you can enjoy one of GOD’s gifts to earth. Trees are an important part of our world, and they do more for us than we realize. Trees many things for our environment such as: 

  • Creating oxygen
  • Enhancing air quality
  • Climate control
  • Preserving water
  • Soil preservation
  • Wildlife habitats

What are the benefits of planting more trees?

Besides the fact that trees give us the oxygen that we need to survive, trees also reduce how much water runoff occurs, therefore reducing erosion and pollution. There are many types of animals that depend on trees for their habitat. For many birds, trees provide everything they need to survive, and without trees, they would die off.

What are the Disadvantages of Tree Planting?

For the most part, trees are a good thing, and there are numerous benefits of planting trees on your property but, there can be some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of tree planting are:  

  • Trees can be expensive
  • It’s hard work planting trees
  • Tree maintenance takes a lot of time
  • Trees take up a lot of space
  • If the tree needs to be cut down, you will need to hire a stump removal servicea guide to tree planting

Do You Need Tree Planting Service?

You wouldn’t think a tree removal company would be planting trees, would you? Not all tree trimming services plant trees but Top Tree Service Company does. The arborist at Top Tree Service Company would love to plant your trees, but you would have to call them at 678-916-6040 or email them at for that to happen. We hope you enjoyed learning all about tree planting with this article.