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The Tree Service Marietta Homeowners Trust for Tree Removal, Trimming & Pruning

Are you looking for the best tree service Marietta GA has to offer? Do you have trees that need to go? It can be difficult to find the right tree service to hire. The Top Tree Service Company experts will help you when you need a tree service in Marietta. We offer the best tree service Marietta GA has ever seen. If you need a tree service to:

  • Take down any tree blocking your view
  • Remove a dangerous or dead tree before it causes damage to your property or you.
  • Remove Any dangerous or overgrown limbs
  • Take out any stumps
  • Inspect your trees for disease

Top Tree Service Company can be reached at 678-916-6040 for a free tree inspection and a free estimate on our tree cutting services. We have the best tree service Marietta GA, homeowners can ever ask for.

Hire a Tree Service Company with an Arborist

Tree removal can be difficult if you don’t possess the necessary equipment and experience. A professional Marietta tree service will cut down your trees, remove them, or ground them. This is the most cost-effective and fastest way to do it. When you hire us as your tree company in Marietta, GA, you will get:

  • Tree services at an affordable price that still delivers the quality you expect
  • An insured tree removal company.
  • Our arborists and tree surgeons are highly trained. We will treat your property as if it were our own.
  • Tree trimming stump removal 24/7 tree service and land clearing services

Tree Service Company In Marietta, Georgia

Trees are beautiful and provide much-needed shade. However, there are instances when trees can become dangerously damaged and pose a threat to property and life. While some situations might not seem so serious, there’s a good chance you will need tree service Marietta GA residents trust to protect your property and keep it looking great. These are just three reasons you might need Top Tree Service Company for a tree inspection or the best tree service Marietta GA has to offer.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Every season is subject to weather changes. It is not uncommon for Spring storms to strike and cause severe damage to trees. Many mature trees can suffer severe damage from wind, ice, and excessive flooding if they are left to battle the elements. The branches and trees can fall or break off, which can cause extensive damage to your home. This could lead to costly repairs. Top Tree Service can inspect your property if it has been affected by severe weather. We will determine whether tree trimming or removal is necessary to protect you, your family, and your property.


Tree Trimming | Tree Removal | Arborist

Tree limbs can break, fall and cause property damage. However, tree roots can pose a serious threat to your property. Underground water and sewage pipes are often in direct contact with tree roots. 


Uncontrolled tree roots can cause obstructions to the pipes if they are not controlled. Tree roots can sometimes penetrate the pipes and cause damage, causing homeowners an undue burden. When residents need to have trees removed, they can call the tree service Marietta GA, trusts.

Tree Disease and Damage

Trees are often affected by disease and decay. Leaf discoloration and branch loss are the most common symptoms of this disease. These signs can lead to the tree dying if not treated. Roots may also be affected and will no longer function as support structures. Top Tree Service Company recommends that you contact an arborist as soon as possible to identify any signs of disease. A tree surgeon can help treat the disease and possibly reverse it if the problem is detected early enough. If help is not available quickly, an emergency tree removal service may be necessary to remove the dead or dying tree.

Do You Need to Remove Tree Stumps?

Tree stumps can be a nuisance on your lawn and present a risk to your family and property. Tree stump removal is essential, no matter how innocuous they may appear. Tree stump removal is a difficult job that should only be left to professionals. After the stump has been removed, your lawn will be free from any insects or other threats.

Safety for Your Landscaping & Property

Tree stumps, particularly those that are cut very close to the ground, can pose a danger. The stump can be tripped over and cause serious injuries. A lawnmower accidentally hitting a stump could also result in serious damage. Tree stump removal requires special equipment. However, tree stump removal can usually be done by tree-stump removal professionals in the afternoon.

Stop Insect Infestations

Tree stumps, particularly rotting ones, are the ideal home for termites and ants. They will eventually find other food sources and infest your home. It can be expensive to remove pests from your home. They can also cause serious structural and health issues.

Tree Removal Marietta

Tree removal may be necessary due to a disease. However, the stump of the tree can still be infected. This disease can spread to other landscaping in your yard, leading to additional damage and problems. This is eliminated by stump removal so that you can rest assured that the trees remaining are safe. For the tree removal Marietta homeowners can depend on, call us!


Tree Removal Company in Marietta, GA

Your landscaping should look beautiful. Tree stump removal will give you more space to plant and ensure that your lush green grass and other growth is not hampered. An arborist will ensure that your soil is ready for new plant growth.

Hire the Tree Service Marietta GA Residents Trust

We are committed to providing the best service possible for the Marietta community. We will provide the highest quality service, no matter how many trees you have to be removed or how small you are. You can be Marietta’s best tree service provider if you have the best equipment and the most qualified tree experts.


We are fully insured and have zero complaints from the BBB. This means you don’t need to worry about any damage to your property. Do not delay in removing dangerous trees. Call Top Tree Service Company now to schedule a free inspection of your tree and receive a quote. Tree trimming and tree removal are our specialties. We are the tree service Marietta, GA homeowners trust most.

Tree Removal Permit in Marietta, GA?

The city resources state that trees can be removed from homes without permission provided they aren’t specimen trees and aren’t located in one of the four Tree Protected Zones. The Tree Removal Permission form is available for property owners to verify that the tree they wish to remove is not in one of the protected areas.

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