Tree Service Smyrna GA

tree service Smyrna GA

Tree Removal and Tree Trimming in Smyrna GA

The Tree Service Smyrna GA, Homeowners Trust With Tree Removal, Trimming, & Pruning

Do you want the best tree service Smyrna GA, has to offer? Are there any trees that need to be removed from your property? Finding the right tree service to hire can be a hassle, to say the least. When you need a tree service in Smyrna, GA, you can trust that the experts at Top Tree Service Company will be there for you. We provide the best tree removal Smyrna, GA, could ever ask for. If you are looking for a tree service to:

  • Remove a tree that is blocking your view
  • Remove a dead or dangerous tree before it damages you or your property
  • Trim any overgrown or dangerous limbs
  • Remove any stumps

You can call Top Tree Service Company at 678-916-6040 to schedule a free tree inspection or get a free estimate on the tree cutting service that we provide. We really are the best tree service Smyrna GA, homeowners could ever want.

tree service Smyrna GA

Why You Need A Tree Service Company With an Arborist

If you don’t have the right equipment or experience, tree removal can not only be hard, but it can be dangerous. Hiring an expert Smyrna tree service is the fastest and safest and most efficient way to get your trees trimmed, removed, or even stumps ground. When you hire the experts at Top Tree Service Company as your tree service in Smyrna, GA, you’ll get:

Situations That Require The Tree Removal Smyrna GA Trusts

It’s no secret that trees are beautiful and provide much-needed and welcome shade. Unfortunately, there are times when a damaged tree can also threaten life and property, particularly if they sustain enough damage. Some situations may not seem significant, but there is a good chance that you will need the tree service Smyrna GA, residents trust to protect your home and keep your landscape looking its best. Here are three specific instances where you might need to contact Top Tree Service Company to get a tree inspection and the best tree service Smyrna GA, could ask for.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Weather is unpredictable during every season. It’s not unusual for a Spring storm to come along and produce storms powerful enough to severely damage trees. Because they are left to fend off the elements without protection, many mature trees can sustain heavy damage from winds, ice, or excessive flooding. Trees can completely blow over, branches can break, fall, causing extensive damage to your home, which could mean expensive repairs. If your area has experienced severe weather, contact Top Tree Service for an inspection. We can determine if tree removal or tree pruning and trimming are necessary to keep you, your family, and your property safe. We have the tree removal Smyrna GA can trust.

tree service Smyrna

Roots Blocking Pipes

Not only can tree limbs break, fall, and damage your home or property, but tree roots can also pose a significant threat to your property. Underground water and sewage pipes often come into contact with the roots of trees. However, uncontrolled tree roots can grow in such a way that they can block access to the piping. In some cases, tree roots have been known to penetrate and rupture the pipes, creating an undue burden for the homeowner. Call the tree service Smyrna GA, residents use when they need trees removed.

Tree Disease & Damage

Disease and decay frequently affect trees. The most common signs of the disease include branch and leaf loss, and leaf discoloration. If these signs of disease go unnoticed, the tree can die, or its roots will be affected and thus will have difficulty acting as a support structure. Contact an arborist at Top Tree Service Company as soon as you notice the first sign of disease. If the illness is caught in enough time, a tree surgeon can treat the tree and potentially reverse the damage. However, if help arrives too late, you may need an emergency tree removal service to remove the dying or dead tree.

Should You Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are an unsightly blemish on your lawn and pose several risks to your property and family. No matter how harmless they may seem, tree stump removal is necessary. Stump removal is not an easy job and is best handled by tree stump removal professionals. Once the tree stump is gone, you can enjoy a tree stump-free lawn and know that your property is protected from insects and other threats.

Safety for Your Landscaping & Property

Tree stumps, especially those cut close to the ground, pose a safety risk. People may trip over the old stump in the yard and lead to a serious injury, and accidentally running over a tree stump with a lawnmower could lead to some serious damage. Tree stump removal is a process that requires special equipment; fortunately, tree stump removal can be completed in an afternoon by tree stump removal professionals.

Stopping Insects Infestations

Tree stumps, especially rotting ones, are the perfect home for ants, termites, and other insects. Gradually, they’ll begin looking for other food sources and invade your home. Removing infestations can be costly, and damage from pests can create serious structural and health problems in your home.

Treating Tree Diseases

If tree removal was necessary because of a disease, it is important to remember that the tree stump can still be infected. The disease may spread across your yard to other landscaping, resulting in additional problems and damage. Stump removal eliminates this possibility so you can be confident the remaining trees are safe.

tree removal Smyrna GA

Keeping a Great Lawn

You want your landscaping to look pristine. Tree stump removal gives you more space for landscaping and will ensure nothing interferes with your lush, green grass and other growth. An arborist will make certain that your soil is healthy and ready for new plant growth.

Hire a Tree Service in Smyrna GA

We only believe in providing the community of Smyrna, GA with the highest quality service possible. Whether you need 100 trees removed or if you hire us for a small tree trimming job, we will always give you the best service possible. When you have the best equipment and highly trained tree experts, it’s easy to call yourself the best tree service in Smyrna.

You don’t have to worry about your property being damaged because we are a fully insured tree service company with zero complaints from the BBB. Don’t put off removing a dangerous tree. Call the experts at Top Tree Service Company today so one of our tree specialists can come for a free tree inspection and give you a no-obligation quote. We are proudly the tree service Smyrna GA, homeowners trust the most with tree trimming and tree removal.

Do You Need A Tree Removal Permit in Smyrna, GA?

According to the city resources, trees may be removed from properties without City permission as long as they are not specimen trees and are not located in the City’s four Tree Protected Areas. They advise that property owners check with the City by using the Tree Removal Permission Form to make sure the tree they want to be removed isn’t in one of the protected areas.

About Smyrna, Georgia

The city of Smyrna is situated about 10 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, and is considered a part of the greater Metro Atlanta area. Jonquil City, as it is known, derives its name from the hundreds of thousands of jonquils that are blooming in gardens and along the streets during the spring season.  Taking the 22nd spot on the list, the city of Smyrna was ranked among the top 50 safest cities in Georgia. The town is a comfortable and quiet place with plenty of good places to stay if you want to settle down.


Is tree stump removal necessary?
Tree stumps are often removed for aesthetic reasons; however, in some instances, the process can also be in the best interest of the home. A tree stump stands in the way of lawn mowers. If the tree was removed due to disease, the stump may carry fungi that could spread to other trees and plants. Finally, a dead stump can attract unwanted wood-boring pests such as beetles and ants.
What is tree pruning?
Tree pruning is a service certified arborists typically perform on a seasonal basis. It involves using pole saws, loppers, and shears to remove dead, damaged, and diseased branches from canopies. Additionally, pruning includes removing overgrowth, thinning out canopies, and correcting any crossed or twisted branches.
Should you schedule tree service when you have uneven growth?
There is a constant need for trees to get more nutrients, which can result in them growing in strange patterns. There is also the possibility that the canopy may be uneven if there has been past damage, as the stronger parts of the tree will be reinforced. Depending on how this is done, the tree may develop an oblong shape with curved limbs, unusual growth at the crown, and branches that seem to protrude. Even though this doesn’t present a direct danger, there is the possibility of the property looking unattractive as a result. You can trim the trees in order to remove the excess growth so that the plants have a more natural and even appearance.
When should I schedule tree service?
Generally, trees require pruning once or twice annually. Though arborists may perform this tree maintenance service at any time of year, winter is often ideal for tree pruning. Most trees have lost their leaves by winter, meaning tree care providers may have a better ability to see the framework of the tree. This can make it easier to detect and correct any problems.
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