With all the plants in your yard growing at full capacity, I’m sure the question “can you trim trees in the summer” has popped up in your mind. With all the other lawn care you have to take care of, like watering and mowing the grass constantly, trimming a tree is the last thing you want to worry about. But, if a limb will cause you problems, it’s best to have it removed no matter what time of the year it is. Usually, the best time to trim trees is in the fall and winter months. There are exceptions to this rule, so read below to learn if you can trim trees in the Summer and when you can’t.

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can you trim your trees in the summer


When Can You Trim Trees in the Summer?

Unless the tree has become a safety risk or if you have fruit trees, you need to try to hold off any trimming or heavy pruning until the tree is in its dormant months. The reason is that the tree won’t have time to properly heal in time for Winter, which will make it more susceptible to disease and infestation. However, as long as you remove a few branches, your tree should be fine as long as you do it the right way.

How You Should Trim Trees in the Summer

Here are a couple of scenarios when it’s OK to trim your trees in the Summer:

  • f any of your tree’s limbs are hanging, broken, or weak, they are a safety hazard, and you should deal with these problems as soon as possible.
  • If you want to shape your tree, that’s fine if the cuts are 1″ or less in diameter.
  • If the tree is too big and you want to slow its growth for the next season.

tree trimming

Dangers of Summer Tree Trimming

Can you trim trees in the Summer? You can, but it could damage the tree and expose the tree to the risk of infection. There are two main reasons you shouldn’t trim trees in the Summer if you don’t have to. The first reason is that the tree won’t have time to heal for Winter properly, and it will be at risk for developing a disease or pest infestation. The second reason is if you prune the tree leaves away, it will reduce the amount of food it can absorb, which will stunt its growth. So, for the most part, you should try to hold off any tree trimming until the Fall or Winter months.

Trees That can be Trimmed in the Summer

When can you trim trees in trees in the Summer? The most important factor is the type of tree you are thinking about pruning when answering that question. Here is a list of the types of trees that can be trimmed in the Summer:

Fruit trees

Thinning blooms and fruit as they develop can improve fruit production and quality.


Light pruning, like shearing and small thinning cuts, can be done in the Summer, but major pruning should be left until the dormant season.

Some hardwoods

It’s OK to trim walnut, birch, and maple trees in the Summer. Generally, these trees ooze sap when pruned in the Winter and early spring, so some people prefer a summer prune.

Any trees with dead limbs

Dead, dying, broken, or damaged limbs are a safety risk, and they should be trimmed immediately. 


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Do You Need an Arborist to Trim Your Trees?

Now that we’ve answered the question, ” can you trim trees in the Summer,” you need to know that there are several reasons why trimming your trees is important. When you hire an arborist in Atlanta that works for a reputable tree service to trim your trees, they will:

  • Improve the beauty of the tree by removing any damaged, decaying, and dead branches.
  • Keep the safety of your property intact by removing any limbs that may pose a threat.
  • Increase the overall health of the tree by allowing increased sunlight and airflow by removing crowed branches.
  • Shape the tree so it can grow in the way you see fit.

Getting a certified arborist to trim your tree can alleviate your safety concerns and ensure that your tree is removed correctly, so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary risks on your property.¬†

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