What is The Difference Between Tree Thinning, Pruning, Deadwooding?

Thinning is a term commonly used in the tree removal industry that means removing plants to make room for other trees or plants to grow. Tree pruning is the act of strategically removing specific parts of a plant, usually to promote the tree’s health or aesthetic reasons.

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Deadwooding is exactly what it sounds like; it’s the act of removing the deadwood off of a tree. In time, branches will start to die off from the trunk of a tree, and they need to be removed for the sake of the tree’s overall health. When trees only get sunlight from on one side, it can cause the branches on the sunless side to die off.deadwooding

Deadwooding isn’t just an aesthetic issue; it can put the tree, your property, or anyone walking underneath it in danger. The rot from the dying branches can spread to the rest of the tree like an infection. If you don’t remove the deadwood from the tree, you put the entire tree at risk of dying. That is why deadwooding is very important.

Tree trimming and Pruning Techniques

Regular tree trimming and pruning will promote tree health and by doing annual trimming, lower the risk of the tree dying and having to pay a tree removal service to cut the tree down. Our arborist at Top Tree Service Company put together a shortlist of tree trimming and tree pruning techniques for you to use at home.

  • When you make your cut, make sure you cut on the outer ridge of the branches. 
  • Cutaway from the trunk at a downward angle. 
  • Try not to cut the branch collar because it could damage the tree.
  • Never trim or prune more than 2/3 of the crown of the tree.
  • If you have to climb to a height of over ten feet, it is advised that you hire a tree service to trim the trees for you.

Why is tree pruning important?

Pruning is an important part of maintaining healthy plants and trees that will serve you for a long time. Without it, not only will your tree begin to look rugged, but they will be put at risk of dying.

Pruning also influences the way a tree grows. With the right pruning, a tree can be made to:

  • Grow in a way that is pleasing to look at
  • Be stronger and healthier
  • Lower the risk that limbs will fall and damage your property 
  • Extend the life of your treetree thinning

Now That We’ve Explained Tree Pruning, Deadwooding, and Thinning, Do You Need a Tree Service?

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