The trees on your property can provide you with great beauty, natural shade, a tire swing for your kids, and a great home for birds. But, if the tree or any branches ever fall, this can be very dangerous for your house, car, and your family. Because of these risks, it’s important to learn what emergency tree removal is and to have an emergency tree removal service in your contacts just in case.

Emergency tree removal can be a very dangerous process and it should only be handled by trained tree professionals. If you want a tree service in Johns Creek GA, that you can trust, call Top Tree Service Company anytime at 678-916-6040.

Emergency Tree Removal Situations that you May Encounter

There are numerous reasons you may find yourself having a tree removal emergency, but depending on what type of situation it is, it depends on how you need to handle it. Read below to learn the different situations that would lead to emergency tree removal.

Diseased Tree Removal

If you aren’t a trained arborist, a tree can look perfectly healthy on the outside, but it could be diseased or dead and at risk of falling. A hollowed trunk, deep cracks, dead or falling branches, and cavities in the trunk are warning signs to look out for when you are inspecting your trees. The best way to ensure that your trees are healthy and don’t pose a risk to your safety is to find a tree service that can do annual inspections. You can ensure your trees grow properly, look attractive, and remain disease-free by having them trimmed, maintained, and inspected by a professional tree company.

If you would like an arborist inspection, you can call Top Tree Service Company at 678-916-6040. It’s not hard to call yourself the best tree service in Atlanta when you have the best tree experts in the business working on your team.

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Tree Removal Emergencies Due to Storms

It doesn’t matter how healthy and strong your tree is; if a bad storm with heavy wind comes through, it can damage your tree and possibly damage your property. The best form of action that you can take is preventative measures. Have a tree removal service, remove any weak or damaged trees before the storm hits.

After any storms, call an emergency tree removal service if you have any trees that have broken branches, leaning, or have fallen. Don’t take any chances that a leaning or damaged tree will fall and hurt someone. After a storm, your trees may look fine, but in reality, they could be poised to fall at any time.

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Your Tree has a Weak Base

Without a healthy root system, a tree can’t be healthy or stable. When you are inspecting the trees on your property, if you see any exposed roots that seem to be weak, diseased, rotten, or damaged, call an emergency tree service as soon as possible. Trees that have damaged roots are at risk of falling anytime. In some cases, you may have a leaning tree growing on your property.

It might be tempting to ignore a leaning tree if it has been present for some time, but it’s vital to have a professional evaluate the tree to determine if it poses a hazard. Finally, your tree could be at risk if its roots have experienced a significant amount of erosion. If you see that your tree’s roots are exposed, to be on the safe side, have a tree professional examine the tree.

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Have You had a Tree Removal Emergency?

If you’ve had any storm damaged trees or any trees that have been affected by the disease, you need to find an emergency tree removal service as soon as you can. If you want the best emergency tree service in Atlanta, call Top Tree Service Company. You can reach us 24/7 at 678-916-6040.

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