Emergency Tree Service

emergency tree service

Emergency Tree Removal Service

If you are looking for an emergency tree service, the chances are that you are having a bad day. That’s why Top Tree Service Company is here 24/7 to give you the help you need if you find yourself in an emergency. Call us at 678-916-6040 when you need emergency tree services.

What To Do If You Need Emergency Tree Removal

You can never predict when a storm will come your way; however, you can take steps to find a good tree company before you find yourself searching for emergency tree removal online. Below is a list of steps that you should take if you need an emergency tree service.

Find a Good Emergency Tree Service Company

Before you actually need an emergency tree service, take the time to find a good tree removal company to hire when the time comes. The last thing you want to do is wait until there is an emergency and hire the first tree service you find on the internet. You may wind up hiring an emergency tree removal company that doesn’t have the experience needed to do the job properly.

And if they don’t have insurance, it could cost you big in the long run. Make sure you find a local tree service with insurance, the right licenses, and experience with emergency tree removal like Top Tree Service Company. If they don’t offer 24/7 service, don’t even consider them because you never know what time of the day an emergency will happen.

Secure The Area Of The Tree Damage

Tree removal is only one part of the equation when you are dealing with an emergency. The area around the tree should be secured to prevent any more damage to your property. The skilled tree experts at Top Tree Service Company will: 

  • Create a protective barrier around the damaged tree
  • Tarp any area of your home that has been damaged
  • Check and secure any downed powerlines
  • Document the damage and communicate with your insurance company
  • Quickly and safely remove the damaged tree

The Emergency Tree Removal Process

The tree company that you hire shouldn’t do a shoddy job just because it’s an emergency. They should be able to remove the tree quickly and still do it thoroughly and safely. Here is the emergency tree removal process that Top Tree Service Company uses:

  • As the tree damage  
  • Clear the area and utilize safety precautions
  • Remove the tree in a way that won’t further damage the property
  • Clear all the debris from the tree removal area
  • Document the damage for insurance claims

How To Prevent A Tree Removal Emergency

A professional tree service company can take one look at a tree and tell if it is at risk of damaging your property if a bad storm comes through. If you take the time to get a tree company to come and inspect your trees, you can take the steps to prevent any damage before it occurs. Signs that Top Tree Service Company will look for during a free tree inspection are:

  • Are any of your trees dead or dying
  • Trees that are leaning at an angle of more than 15 degrees
  • Do any of the tree trunks have bark falling off or cracks
  • Leaves that are falling off when they shouldn’t
  • The root health of the tree
  • Trees that are close to powerlines
  • Tree disease and insect infestation

Hire An Emergency Tree Service You Can Trust

Sometimes trees fall down, and sometimes trees fall down on houses, cars, and powerlines. That’s just what trees do from time to time, and we can’t always prevent tree emergencies from happening.

What you can do is call Top Tree Service Company when you do need an emergency tree service. Our tree specialists are here for you 24/7 when you need them the most. Call us today at 678-916-6040, so we can give you the emergency tree removal service you so desperately need.

Emergency Tree Service FAQ

Q: Is there ever a time that I can’t call your emergency tree service?

A: NO. You can call us 24/7 any time of the year at 678-916-6040 for any emergency.

Q: Why would I need an emergency tree service?

A: If a storm has caused a tree or limb to fall and it damaged your property or hit a powerline. Call 678-916-6040.

Q: What areas will you go for emergency tree services?

A: We serve the Metro Atlanta and Savannah, GA areas. Call us at 678-916-6040.

Q: Do emergency tree services work through extreme weather?

A: Yes. We are experienced in dealing with harsh weather conditions. Call 678-916-6040 for 24/7 emergency tree services.