Planting new trees will give homeowners an investment they can enjoy for years to come. Trees are attractive to look at, they can increase the value of your home, and they will bring you satisfaction as they grow year after year. In this article we have couple of Fall tree planting tips to help you plant trees the right way.

Planting Trees in the Fall

Fall tree planting gives the tree time to develop its root system before the cold months of winter hit. The roots start growing as soon as they enter the moist ground and continue to grow as long as the soil’s temperature is above 40°F. Then, when spring comes around and spurs the new growth of shoots, the roots of the tree will be firmly in place.

The conditions of the soil in the fall make it easier for digging, as well. In the fall, the dirt is moist enough to not be crumbly like in the Summer, but not frozen as it gets in the Winter. Fall is the perfect time for digging holes. Plus, if you live in a place that gets a lot of snow and you try to plant trees in the Spring, you will have to deal with the snowmelt. Read below for our Fall tree planting tips.
fall tree planting

Select the Right Tree to Plant

When buying trees to plant in the Fall, there are a couple different options in terms of what kind of tree you can get from the nursery, including:

  • Bare-root treesare typically grown in a field and dug up while there are no leaves in the Fall or spring. Trees dug in the Fall may be sold immediately, or they will have their roots packed with damp material so they can be sold at a later date by the nursery. 
  • Container-grown trees are grown in pots for the first part of their lives. Potting mix is usually lighter than regular soil so that these plants can be shipped more cost-effectively. Hopefully, the plants’ roots fill completely out while it grows in the pot. 
  • Balled-and-burlap bagged trees have usually been grown and dug from clay soil. Removing these trees from the clay can lead to root damage or tree damage if it’s not done properly, which is why these trees have a ball of dirt around their roots and wrapped with a burlap cloth. 

fall tree planting tips

Choose the Right Site to Plant Your Tree

Take note of how much sun your backyard gets and also have a dirt chemistry test done. A tree care specialist will use this information to tell you which type of tree will grow the best on your residential or commercial property. Additionally, take into consideration upkeep, and also know which bugs and animals live in your area.

One of the most important Fall tree planting tips is to find a location that matches the tree’s requirements. Think about watering and drainage of your property, as well. Saplings require a great deal of water, so plant it in an area that can accommodate watering, while providing the right amount of drainage so the tree doesn’t get overwatered during heavy rainfall. 
planting trees in the fall

How Long Does it Take a Tree to Grow?

To determine how long it takes a tree to grow depends on the climate and how much water and nutrients the tree gets during its growth. In warmer climates like the tropics, where trees have plenty of water and sun, it’s not uncommon to see a tree fully grow in 30 years.

Depending on the tree species, a tree in cooler regions may take several hundred years to reach full maturity. Trees are a long-term investment, and you should expect it to take many years before a tree has fully grown. Fall tree planting should be done with the future of your landscaping in mind because it will take some time for the trees to mature fully.

Plan for Future Growth

The tree may be small when you plant it, but it will grow with time. Prepare for its growth so you don’t need to move in the future. Fall tree planting requires that you research different trees before you decide to plant one so you can determine how big the tree will get in the future. Don’t plant a tall tree under high-voltage lines because they may grow into them. Also, a tree with deep roots might penetrate the plumbing or the foundation of your house if it’s planted too close to it.

Do You Need Help With Fall Tree Planting?

Now that you have our Fall tree planting tips, do you want some help with it? If so, call Top Tree Service Company for the tree service Decatur GA, residents trust. We have been providing expert tree services for over ten years in Atlanta. We also provide tree service in Savannah as well. You can call us at 678-916-6040 in Atlanta or 912-480-0132 for Savannah.

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