When searching for a tree cutting service, you shouldn’t just go with the first tree company that pops up on a Google search. Tree removal takes experience and skill. In the wrong hands, it could lead to serious issues.

 Without the right training and the right tools, a tree cutting service could cause more damage to your property and cost you a ton of money. Read below if you want to learn the right steps to take when hiring a tree-cutting service.

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Things You Need to Know About a Tree Cutting Service

When springtime comes back around, homeowners need to have their trees inspected to ensure any new growth is kept in check and prevent any damage to their property. If you don’t take annual tree maintenance, like tree trimming and tree pruning seriously, you could be putting your trees health at risk.

Some people like to take on this job alone, but it’s always better to let a professional tree cutting service handle this type of job. However, it can be hard to find the right tree cutting service to hire since there are so many in every city.


How To Find The Best Tree Cutting Service


Here are the Most Important Things to Consider when Hiring a Tree Service

Make sure you check the tree cutting service for their qualifications. You don’t want just anybody cutting trees down around your valuable property. If you live in Atlanta, you want to make sure it’s a tree service Johns Creek GA residents trust.

Anybody can get a couple of chainsaws and a truck and try to call themselves a tree cutting service. To ensure that you will get the highest quality service:

  1. Make sure you go with a tree removal company with plenty of experience.
  2. Ask for referrals and check out their reviews online.
  3. See that the tree cutting service has insurance and is licensed to do work in your state.

There are some great tree service companies, but there are also plenty of dishonest people that will take advantage of you. Don’t make this decision on blind faith.

Questions For A Tree Cutting Service

It would help if you took the time to ask any tree removal service a list of important questions before hiring them.

You should take the time to go through these same questions with at least three different tree services before making your decision. These questions will help you get the most qualified, most affordable, and most experienced tree removal company in your area.


The Best Tree Cutting Service

Does the Tree Cutting Service Have Insurance?

Can they show proof of insurance and a copy of their license? Don’t even entertain hiring a tree cutting service that won’t happily give you proof of insurance. Without proper insurance, you could be responsible for the cost of any damages.

Can The Tree Service Give You References?

Can they provide you with references? Ask them for real clients they have don’t work for before. It is a great sign if they can provide a list of past homeowners that are satisfied with their tree removal work.

Does the Tree Cutting Service Provide Free Estimates?

Will they give you a free estimate? If they aren’t willing to give you a free tree removal estimate, they don’t want your business bad enough. A quality tree service will come and give you a detailed inspection and an itemized cost estimate.

How Long will the Tree Removal or Tree Trimming Take?

How long will the job take? You will be able to properly schedule your life around the tree removal job if they can give you a prompt start and end date. 

Do They Have the Proper Tree Cutting Tools?

What type of tools will they use to remove your tree? If they don’t mention a detailed list of tools and equipment, be wary.

How do they Accept Payment?

How do they accept payment? If they try to get full payment before the tree cutting service is performed, end the conversation. If it is a bigger job, they may ask for a deposit of 20%, but they should never ask for anything else until the job is done.


 A Tree Cutting Service


Finding A Tree Cutting Service Near You

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