While it’s irritating to see indications of beaver tree damage, it is very important to acknowledge the importance of these amazing creatures and to find a healthy understanding. If you want to know how to spot beaver tree damage and learn how to protect your trees from this type of damage, read below. 

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Preventing Tree Damage From Beavers

It’s taken a long time, but beavers have made a huge comeback since the days that an unregulated fur market annihilated numbers throughout most of the country, almost driving the beavers to the point of extinction. It is necessary to keep in mind that beavers are:

  • An incredibly important part of the environment.
  • Helping the community by controlling flooding.
  • Enhancing water quality.
  • Providing habitat for other animals and plants. 

Beavers are amazing creatures but they can do serious tree damage if you don’t take the steps to protect your trees. 


How to Prevent Beaver Tree Damage


Unfortunately, if you own property near the water, you may be seeing signs of beaver tree damage. Beavers are innovative animals, and if they see any plants or trees they want, they will use their talents to get them, usually their big and sharp teeth. They are capable of causing massive tree trunk damage.

While they favor trees within 50 feet (15 m.) of water, they are commonly known to travel over 150 feet from the edge of the water if their food is limited. If you have beavers in the area, no tree is really safe. 

Signs of Beaver Tree Damage

The most common sign of beaver tree damage is fresh cuts at the base of the tree. Beavers have substantial, sharp teeth that allow them to take down smaller trees in a matter of minutes; however, it will take them longer to chew down bigger trees. Beavers also break off limbs to build their dams, and they are known to eat the inner layer of bark, referred to as the cambium layer.


Beaver Tree Damage


5 Ways To Protect Your Property From Beaver Tree Damage 

1.You can use round cages or a hardware cloth wrap to protect your trees, but it might not be practical if you have a lot of trees on your land. If this is the case, start by protecting the most important trees first. 

2.You can use chicken wire for protection, but you should use a sturdier type of wire for long-term protection. If you are going to build a protective cage around your trees, make sure they are at least three feet high. 

If you have a larger area to protect from beaver tree damage, you should go with a fence. The beavers may try to tunnel under your fence, and if this happens, you need to block their tunnels with bricks.

3.You can also use an electric fence if you want to keep the beavers out.

4.You can paint the base of the trees with a mixture of latex paint and sand. Beavers hate the feeling of grit in their mouths, so this may be the easiest beaver tree damage prevention method. Paint the trees about three to four feet tall.

5.There are also some beaver repellants on the market that do an amazing job keeping the beaver from causing damaged trees on your property.


5 Ways To Protect Your Property From Beaver Tree Damage 


Do You Have Beaver Tree Damage?

If you have already suffered beaver tree damage, then the only option may be tree removal. Top Tree Service Company is the best tree service in Atlanta and the most affordable tree service in Savannah. Call us at 678-916-6040 or 912-480-0132 for a free tree inspection today.

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