If you have pine trees, you may want to know how to trim a pine tree that is too tall. The first thing you need to understand is that when you are trimming a tall pine tree, it’s important that you never cut off the crown of the tree. Topping a pine tree will either cause it to become deformed, or it will kill the tree. A tree service should remove any pine trees that are too tall if they are a risk to the property.

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Can Pine Trees be Topped?

How to trim a pine tree that is too tall? Not by topping the pine tree. Topping trees is bad when it comes to pine trees. If you top a pine tree, it will grow deformed, and it will become susceptible to insect infestation and disease. Instead of developing a new “cone,” the branches will deform and curve upward. When learning how to trim a pine tree that is too tall, keep the following points in mind:

  • Never top a pine tree.
  • Topping a pine tree can result in the death and deformity of the tree.
  • If you top a pine tree, you will probably need to have the pine tree removed.
  • If you damage the pine tree, it will not repair itself.
  • If the pine tree does grow, it will be deformed.
  • The needles in the crown of the tree are vital to the tree’s life. 

If you remove the upper branches of the pine tree, you will be removing the most vital part of the tree. Pine trees are designed to grow tall, and if you try to control their height, it will never work out. Most of the energy and vitality are in the upper branches of your pine. 

How to Trim a Pine Tree that is Too Tall


How to Trim a Pine Tree that is Too Tall to Reach?

If you have a pine tree on your property that is too tall to reach, you have two choices. You can hire a tree removal service to remove the pine tree, or you can keep it just the way it is. If any pine trees are growing near your house or powerlines, they should be removed because they can cause serious damage if they were to fall. 

  • Have any Pine trees that are growing somewhere dangerous removed. 
  • If you don’t like the way the pine tree looks, your only option may be to have a tree service remove it. 

When learning how to trim a pine tree that is too tall, you will discover that it can cause many problems. 

Tips on How to Trim a Pine Tree that is Too Tall>

If you want to know how to trim a pine tree that is too tall without killing it, you need to understand that pine trees are meant to grow tall. You can slow a pine tree’s growth with careful tree trimming, but you can never stop it. Pine tree branches won’t grow back once removed, so you need to trim the tree carefully. Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to trim a pine tree that is too tall. Before you get started, remember that the best time to trim pine trees is in the Winter months.

trim pine trees

Get a Ladder

Make sure you have a tall and secure ladder before you start trimming the tree. Lean the ladder against a sturdy branch or on the tree’s trunk and tie it to the tree so it won’t fall. 

Clear a Safe Area

Make sure the area below is clear from any people or valuable objects. You don’t want anyone getting hurt from a falling branch. 

Lower the Branches that are Cut

Use a branch that you aren’t trimming as a pulley system along with a rope. Tie the rope to the branch you want to cut off and slowly lower the branch with the rope.

Do Not Top the Pine Tree

Don’t remove the crown of the pine tree. As we learned earlier, if you top the pine tree, it could result in the tree’s death. If it doesn’t kill the tree, it will certainly lead to abnormal growth. There can be benefits to topping trees, just not pine trees.

Trim the Candles to Reduce Growth

You can trim the ” candles” of the pine tree in the spring if you want to slow its growth. During the spring months, a pine’s candles will appear as brown twig-like structures that will spread out into new needles. You can remove up to 1/2 of the length of the candles with pruning shears to slow the pine tree’s growth. 

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Do You Need to Trim a Pine Tree that is Too Tall?

Now that we have answered the question, how to trim a pine tree that is too tall, do you really want to attempt that? When it comes to the dangerous job of tree removal and tree trimming, it should be left to professional tree companies. Top Tree Service Company is the tree service Atlanta homeowners trust the most. You can call us anytime at 678-916-6040 for a FREE tree inspection. 

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