Palm Trees can be seen all around Savannah, GA, and other coastal regions! However, they are delicate trees and if you have palm trees and have seen any palm tree trunk damage, read below to learn how to care for your trees properly. Did you know that Palm Trees can be found in Atlanta? If you need a tree service Decatur, GA homeowners can rely on, call Top Tree Service Company at 678-916-6040 or email us at

Common Causes of Palm Tree Trunk Damage

Palm trees can be a beautiful part of your property design. Unfortunately, there are a ton of things that can cause palm tree trunk damage, including:

  •  Bad weather
  •  Freezing temperatures
  •  Illness
  •  Physical harm from a person or animal


Palm Tree Trunk Damage


Most trees are resilient and can take whatever mother nature can throw at them but not palm trees. The soil that they are planted in must be nutrient-rich and sandy. Palm tree trunks are slimmer than other types of trees, making them vulnerable. The coastal winds can be the cause of major palm tree trunk damage.

Why Your Palm Trees may be Damaged

  • Over-watering: If you see the palm leaves turning yellow, this is an indicator that you have been over=watering them. Palm trees need water, but their roots are sensitive to too much moisture.
  • Lack of Water: IF you see the tips of the palm leaves turning brown or falling off, the palm tree may need more water. 
  • Plant food: Good fertilizer won’t be washed out after a little bit of rain. Using too much fertilizer can burn your plants. Make sure you have a tree service that advises you on the right type of fertilizer and how to apply it.
  • Dirt: Your trees need to be planted in the right soil type to prevent palm tree trunk damage. Professional tree companies can plant palm trees for you or instruct you on the right type of soil to use.
  • Pruning your palms: Palm leaves should not be pruned until they are completely dry and ready to fall off. If you know bad weather is coming, you should postpone any pruning. A local tree cutting service can help you with any pruning if you aren’t sure you can do it without causing damage.
  • Sunlight: Some palm trees need more sun than others. Professional tree services can tell you exactly how much sun your palm tree needs, and if you need it moved or planted, they can do that as well. Did you know that palm trees can get sunburnt? Make sure the palm tree is in the perfect spot for optimal sunlight exposure.
  • Freezing: Due to climate change, Savannah or other usually warm areas may experience some freezing. If you know cold weather is on the way, take steps to protect your palm trees.


Palm Tree Trunk Damage


Can I Repair My Palm Tree Trunk Damage

Depending on why the damage occurred, you can repair your palm trees. For Palm tree trunk damage, you will need to call a local tree service. They will come and inspect the damaged tree and advise you on the right course of action.

A healthy and well-kept palm tree has a better chance for recovery than one that has been neglected. Taking the time to care for your trees properly increases the chances that they can be repaired if they suffer damage.

If your palm trees are struck by lightning, you need to call a tree removal company. The chances that your palm tree will survive after lighting damage is very slim, and it will need to be removed.

Surprisingly, there are a large number of Palm Trees in central Georgia, so if you need a tree service Johns Creek, GA residents can trust, Call Top Tree Service Company.


Palm Tree Trunk Damage


Do you Have Palm Tree Trunk Damage?

If you see any signs of palm tree trunk damage, call a professional tree service like Top Tree Service Company. Top Tree Service Company has been providing Savannah, GA, with tree removal and tree cutting service for over ten years. Call us at 912-480-0132 for a free tree removal estimate. If you want a tree service Savannah GA residents trust, call us.