It takes a lot of determination to kill most trees, but some poplar trees can be extra tough to kill. Just cutting down a poplar won’t always do the trick. The tree can sprout new shoots, and poplar tree root removal can be tricky. If you need a tree service in Decatur GA that can help you with your trees, call Top Tree Service Company at 678-916-6040 or email us at

There are a couple of different steps to take when killing a poplar tree. Read below for the complete guide on the poplar tree root removal process.


Poplar Tree Root Removal

Killing the Poplar Tree Roots

There are two common ways to kill poplar trees that you should know about. The first way to kill poplars is the girdling process. If you don’t know what you are doing you could damage your landscape, so when in doubt, call a tree service to help you with Poplar Tree root removal. 

To girdle a poplar, cut a one-inch rut around the trunk of the tree. The groove you cut needs to reach the layer underneath the bark. You can easily use a saw to make the cut. 

Then make another identical cut three inches above or below the first cut. The second method is called frilling. Frilling works just like girdling, except you use an ax to peel the bark off the trunk of the tree.

Dropping the Poplar Tree

Once the girdling is completed and the tree is dead, it’s time to cut the tree down. As long as it is a small poplar tree, you can handle this job on your own, but if it is a bigger tree, it’s best to let a tree service do the work. The common term for dropping a Poplar Tree is “tree felling.”

Do not attempt to cut down a fully grown tree without the help of a professional tree removal company, specifically if there are cars, houses, or any other valuable belongings in the area. If there is a power line near the tree, the power company may remove the tree for you.

If you need a tree service in Johns Creek GA to remove your poplar tree roots, Top Tree Service Company has you covered.


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Poplar Tree Root Removal

If you don’t kill the poplar tree roots, the stumps that are left will sprout new trees. To fully eliminate the poplar, you need to kill the roots. The first thing that you need to do is to grind the stump.

Stump grinding is a tough process that requires special tools. It’s recommended that you hire a tree service to grind the stumps for you. Salt is just one of the easiest ways to do this.

For poplar tree root removal, you will need to drill into the ground stump and fill the holes with rock salt. After filling the holes with salt, pour water onto the stump and cover them with some dark plastic. 

The salt will block all the water intake from the roots and kill them. Keep an eye on the stump for the next few days and add more salt and water if you notice that the holes are empty. After about five weeks, the poplar roots should be dead.


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Do you Need Poplar Tree Removal Services

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