When it involves illness, trees are no exception. That’s why sick tree treatment is so important when you find that one of your trees is in poor health. If you have a sick tree that you need treated, Top Tree Service Company is the best tree service in Atlanta and you can call us at 678-916-6040.

It’s not just important to learn about sick tree treatment, but you should understand the signs of a diseased tree so you can identify the problem as soon as it shows up. By understanding these indicators, you’ll be able to help any sick tree on your property.

How Do Trees Get Sick?

Trees, much like any living creature, are at risk of catching a disease. Because of that, many different things make your tree sick, including:

  • Pests and Insects
  • Microorganisms
  • Fungus
  • Environmental stress
  • Infections
  • Human activity

Surprisingly, sunlight can also cause your trees to become sick. Sunlight usually damages trees when it’s too strong, and the tree is exposed to the sun for too long. You may need to learn how to remove a diseased tree if you don’t treat your trees issues as soon as they are discovered.
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What are the Symptoms of a Sick Tree?

Before you can learn about sick tree treatment, you need to recognize the signs of a sick tree.

You should be monitoring your tree’s condition throughout the year. After all, homeowners ought to take action asap when their tree has any type of health issues. By doing this, you’ll be able to stop your trees from dying.

How do You Know if Your Tree’s Healthy?

Here are some of the most common symptoms that tree diseases bring:

  • Dark places on leaves
  • Your tree’s leaves have strange colors or deformed shapes
  • Pests are living your tree in summertime and spring
  • Half of your tree’s leaves have fallen out
  • Weak tree structure
  • Dead branches

As mentioned before, by identifying the specific signs and symptoms your tree could show, you can determine its type of disease. For instance, when a tree is overwatered or dehydrated, it begins to show blemished yellow leaves throughout springtime and summer. On the other hand, if your tree has a fungus infection, the tree trunk will look like it’s bleeding.
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Tips for Sick Tree Treatment

Caring for your trees is vital for any property owner. That’s why we will show you a couple of methods you can use to take care of your trees. This sick tree treatment will help you treat the majority of tree diseases.

Don’t Apply Fertilizer Close to Your Tree’s Root Zone

Do not put fertilizer near your tree’s root area. Not only can it hurt your tree’s health, but it can also be a hazard to the environment. When it rains, it can wash fertilizers to water sources, polluting them with harmful chemicals.

Additionally, when applying many fertilizers, your trees end up being reliant on that fertilizer in the long run. It can also kill helpful organisms that help keep your trees healthy naturally. Metsulfuron Methyl tree damage can occur from over fertilizing if you’re not careful. Sick tree treatment can be hazardous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Quit Using Pesticides

Pesticides are commonly advertised as the best way of treating insects for your trees. Nevertheless, chemicals can be dangerous. The more harmful the pesticide is, the more dangerous it is for you to apply.

Because of this, it’s always best to leave the use of chemicals to expert arborists. By doing this, you can be sure that nobody will be hurt, and the insects in your tree will be dealt with appropriately.

Stop Over Mulching

When you apply way too much compost to your trees, you can damage them instead of helping them. For instance, your tree’s root can become deformed, and it can possibly kill your tree. It can also make it hard to see any kind of possible decay or dead spots on your lower tree trunk.

When mulching, leave an area between the tree trunk and the mulch. That way, you’ll let it breathe. You will also be protecting the tree from possible rotting.
Remove a Diseased Tree

Trim Any Exposed Roots by Hand

Lawnmowers can damage your tree’s roots, so if you see any exposed roots, make sure you trim them by hand.

By pruning your roots, it will cause your tree to grow new, healthy roots. Not just that, you will also rid your tree of any roots that present a danger to your tree’s wellbeing.

To trim your tree’s roots, you’ll need to make sure the soil around your tree is damp. After that, continue by carefully loosening up the soil’s top layer with a hand tool. Afterward, begin cutting the roots that need trimming, avoiding any toots that are larger than your fist.

If it’s not Raining, Water Your Trees

If it hasn’t been raining, water your trees. Droughts often tend to be fairly typical throughout the summertime. By making sure your trees are watered, you protect them against permanent damage. 

The amount of water you need to give your tree will vary depending on the type of tree you have and its age. Usually, young trees need a lot more watering than fully grown trees. Most mature trees can go as long as a month without watering.

On the other hand, freshly planted trees should receive at least five gallons of water a week.

You need to be aware of the signs of drought tree show, including:

  • Leaves are yellow and begin to wilt.
  • Trees are beginning to shed their leaves.
  • Cracks are beginning to appear in the bark.
  • Your tree is growing slower.
  • Slow-healing wounds.

Prune Your Trees Properly

Effectively Pruning is one of the best forms of sick tree treatment. When you trim your trees, you create new growth, and you prevent decay. You will also make your trees structurally sound with pruning.

Make certain that the tree trimming goal is to remove dead branches. Also, it would help if you focused on eliminating crossing branches and having a canopy lift.

Ultimately, it would be best if you pruned your trees during the winter months. A professional tree service will be able to assist you with any tree removal needs you may have.

Do You Have Sick Trees That Need Treatment?

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