Unhealthy trees can be an eyesore, transmittable to other plants, as well as hazardous if they deteriorate and fall. Learn the signs of a diseased tree to ensure that you can get assistance from an expert tree service before the trees die or cause any  damages. We put together a list of different signs to look for so you can tell if you have a diseased tree.

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Signs of a Tree Disease

There are several signs of a diseased tree and  if you see any of the problems listed below, you may need to seek professional help to keep your trees healthy. These are some common signs that your tree’s health is in jeopardy:

  • Peeling or lose bark, cracks, or deep cracks in the tree
  • Dead or dying branches that hang low, lack bark, and have no leaves
  • Weak, V-shaped branch unions, where two branches have grown together
  • Excessively thick, dense canopies that could easily break
  • Leaf problems – anything from spots or holes to odd colored or deformed leaves

If you see any of these signs of a diseased tree, you need to take the steps for treating your trees as soon as possible. The longer your tree goes untreated, the more likely that whatever disease your tree has will spread to other trees or the tree will fall and put your property at risk of being damaged.

signs of a diseased tree

Leaf Distortion can be a Sign of a Diseased Tree

For deciduous trees, if branches lack those lush green leaves and all you see are brittle and brown leaves, these are common signs of a diseased tree. The infected trees will have dead leaves that are still clinging to the tree during the winter when they should be dropping. If you have coniferous evergreens, they will begin to show yellow, red, or brown needles or leaves when they are diseased or dying.

As the Kentucky bluegrass is making its debut for the summer, you may see signs of anthracnose in maple, walnut, oak, and buckeye trees. Curled and folded leaves covered in brownish areas or blotches are definite signs that your trees have this illness. Trees don’t typically reach sophisticated phases of this disease, but when they do, leaves begin to drop off and the integrity of tree compromises, making it dangerous. Contact a tree removal company to help with sick tree treatment.

Indicators of Tree Disease

Powdered Mildew on Leaves

Powdery mildew is a condition that comes in many shapes and forms. In the early stages, it looks like powdered sugar is sprayed on the leaves. These tiny fungal spores are infectious that can spread to other plant life by riding wind currents. Once the condition advances, the leaves turn yellow and drop from the tree prematurely. Certain types of trees’ leaves turn purple or red around the infected areas..

If see any of these signs of a tree disease, call a professional tree service. The trees could easily die if a professional arborist doesn’t treat them immediately. If you try to treat diseased trees without the help of a professional, you could possibly kill the tree.

Yellow-Brown Bark at the Base of the Tree

Yellow-Brown Bark at the Base of the Tree

Inonotus dryadeus is a fungus that causes Oak trees to start rotting. Once the tree is infected this fungus will stunt the growth of the branches.

This sign of diseased tree happen when fungi starts growing on the tree. The smooth, white spores seek weak points in oak, walnut, and elm trees. When young, it oozes an orange-brown liquid, but as it ages, the body turns black and fractures. In such an instance, the mycelium, the vegetative part of the fungi, has actually permeated and damaged the original structure of the tree.

Infected trees could be at risk of falling soon after you notice any signs of this tree disease. The best course of action if you think your tree has this disease is to call a tree service and have the tree removed before it causes real problems.

What Should You do if You See Signs of a Diseased Tree?

Don’t hesitate to take action if you see signs of disease on your trees. Call a tree service so you don’t put the rest of your trees and your property at risk. Top Tree Service Company has the best tree service in Savannah GA, and you can call us 24/7 at 912-480-0132.

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