Similar to the plants in your yard, the trees on your property require regular upkeep to continue to be lovely, tough, and disease-free. When calling a landscaping company for assistance, remember there is a difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. Although both are required, they accomplish different objectives. In this article we are going to learn about the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning, and why you need to have both of the done on your trees from time to time.

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The Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

What is the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning?

Despite what you may have been told, there is a difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. Read below to learn what that difference is.

In general, tree pruning occurs when infected, dead, or broken branches are removed from trees and shrubs in order to improve their health and growth. When you control the shape and growth of your trees by proper pruning, you reduce safety hazards from falling branches, and you add to the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Tree trimming, on the other hand, is primarily used for design and aesthetic purposes. Tree trimming can clear out thick limbs that are blocking the sunlight and rain from reaching parts of your tree that need it the most.

Both tree trimming and tree pruning involve removing limbs from your trees and shrubs, but one is more focused on the health of your tree, and the other focuses on how your tree looks. They both need to be performed if you want to keep your trees healthy and looking good. Tree trimming is also referred to as “tree thinning” and you will find that there are plenty of reasons to trim trees by reading below. As you can see, there isn’t a big difference between tree trimming and tree pruning.

Tree Trimming

Why Tree Trimming and Pruning is Important

There isn’t a huge difference between tree trimming and tree pruning, but the important thing to remember is your trees do need to be trimmed and pruned to keep them healthy. Proper tree trimming and pruning encourage growth, promote the overall tree’s health, make your property look better, and it will increase the flower and fruit production of your trees. Below is a list of benefits of pruning your trees.

Pruning Promotes the Health of Trees

  • Pruning will remove and diseased or dead branches that may infect the rest of the tree. 
  • Any branches that rub together will stunt the growth of each other and should be removed.
  • Stubs from the branches need to be removed.

Your Trees Will Maintain Their Purpose

  • More fruit and flowers will grow with proper pruning and trimming. 
  • Your trees will look great. 
  • You can design your trees perfectly. 

Your Properties Curb Appeal will Increase

  • You can control the size and shape of your trees.
  • Keep your trees well proportioned. 
  • You won’t have any leafless and ugly branches. 

Protect Your Property and Family

  • Remove dead branches, so they don’t fall on your house or your loved ones. 
  • Pruning tree limbs will remove the possibility of an insect infestation. 
  • Dead or diseased trees need to be removed completely.
  • Any limbs growing near powerlines, phone lines, or street lights need to be trimmed and removed. 

There are many more reasons that you should have your trees trimmed and pruned on regularly, but if it’s not done properly you could be putting your trees health at risk. Call the tree service Dunwoody GA, homeowners trust with their tree trimming.

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Can You Over Pruning Trees?

Over pruned trees typically won’t die as long as some part of the canopy remains, but there can be extensive damage from over pruning trees. When you prune a tree, you take away the leaves and branches that feed the rest of the tree from the sunlight and rain they capture. If the wrong cuts are made, the tree can also become susceptible to disease and infestation from pests. One difference between tree trimming and tree pruning is that over pruning can kill your trees and trimming usually can’t.

When you trim or prune a tree, new sprouts will develop, and if you over prune, the tree will develop weak branches that can bear strong winds or ice. Your tree may become too weak because it’s using its resources to try to grow a new canopy, and this is when the life of your tree is in jeopardy. Your trees will become more open to pathogens because they are too weak to protect themselves. So, over pruning itself may not kill your tree but the other repercussions from over pruning will.

You can actually find a complete guide to tree trimming and pruning on our blog. We also have plenty of other articles about tree care and safe tree service practices.


Tree pruning

Do You Need Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning?

Now that you know the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning, which one do your trees need? No matter what tree service you need, Top Tree Service Company is here for you. We have been providing metro Atlanta and Savannah with tree removal services for over ten years and we stand out as the best tree company in Atlanta. Call us today at 678-916-6040 for a free tree inspection. If you need a tree service in Savannah GA, call 912-480-0132.

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