Tree Stump removal involves digging a huge hole around the stump, so not only can the stump be removed but the entire root ball as well. This method is very destructive to the landscaping, and it’s more dangerous, requires very expensive equipment, it takes more time and a larger crew of workers to get the job done. Stump grinding, on the other hand, will get rid of the stump in a fast and affordable way.

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Stump grinding is the process of using a special machine to cut the stump up into woodchips. The stump grinding process will remove the stump and kill the root system at the same time. A stump grinder is a piece of equipment used by tree removal companies that uses a rotating disk with sharp teeth to grind the stump into woodchips. Tree surgeons use stump grinders once a tree has been removed to stop the tree from ever growing back.

tree stump removal

Why Do You Need Stump Removal?

Any arborist can tell you that stump removal is a vital part of the tree removal process. The tree’s roots stay connected to the stump, keeping it alive. This means that the stump will stay alive after the tree is cut down, creating a hazardous obstacle on your property.

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Due to the stump being connected to the root ball, removing the stump requires digging a bigger hole than the stump itself and needing a crane service to extract. This type of tree stump removal is expensive and damaging to your landscaping. Stump grinding is easier, cheaper, and better for your property.

The Stump Removal Process

Below is the process that a professional tree service, like Top Tree Service Company, will use to remove any unwanted tree stumps.

  1. Once our team has done the tree trimming and tree removal, we will bring the stump grinder close to the tree stump. 
  2. The grinder is then lowered onto the stump, where it starts reducing the stump into woodchips.
  3. The entire tree stumps will be chipped up in about 20 minutes. 
  4. The tree surgeon will make sure that the tree stump will grinded deep enough so new grass can grow in the area.
  5. Once the tree stump removal is complete, the stump grinder and all debris from the stump will be removed.
  6. The woodchips will be used to fill in the hole created during the tree stump removal process, creating a new area for new plant life to grow. 
  7. Your property will be cleaned up, and any tree debris will be hauled to the dump.’

stump removal

Hire A Tree Stump Removal Service

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