There are many benefits of topping trees. All trees need a certain amount of care and maintenance to stay healthy. Besides water and sunlight, trees need to be trimmed regularly to stay healthy. The type of pruning we are learning about in this article is called “tree topping.” Topping trees is much more thorough than pruning. It’s when the tree’s height is lowered by cutting down the body of the trunk or cutting the branches off of the trunk. Topping trees is the best way to design your trees to look exactly how you want them to look.

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Common Reasons for Topping Trees

The most common reason for tree topping is to protect your trees from possible storm damage. There is a certainty that at some point, your trees will be hit with heavy winds, and if your tree hasn’t been properly trimmed, it’s at risk of falling over. If you have your trees topped by a professional arborist, it will reduce the risk that your tree will be damaged in a storm. This type of tree pruning should only be carried out by an especially skilled tree service. Here are some of the benefits of tree topping:

  1. Appropriate tree topping can help the health of your trees by getting rid of dead or unhealthy branches. Branches become hazardous when they die or become diseased. Removing the unhealthy branches lowers the risk of damage to you or your property. 
  2. Tree topping improves the overall structure and looks of the tree, preventing it from developing frail and weak branches. Topping your tree will prevent its branches from growing across each other and fighting for space in the crown of the tree.
  3. The tree will have better airflow and exposure to the sun when the tree is topped, enhancing the tree’s overall health. Trees can actually get sunburnt, and homeowners need to be on the lookout for signs that this may be occurring.
  4. If you happen to have fruit trees, topping them will increase the amount of fruit you will yield from the trees. It would be best to trim the fruit trees before the spring so the tree will have more access to sunlight. 
  5. Young trees often develop in weird ways, and if you don’t keep the trees in check, the tree can grow into an ugly mess. Trimming your trees regularly helps them grow in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing way.
  6. If you live in an area that gets strong winds and storms, tree topping is very important. If your trees aren’t pruned properly, they will be at risk of splitting or falling over. When you have your trees professionally topped, you are protecting your family and your property from the dangers of a falling limb.

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The Risks of Improper Tree Topping

Topping trees is not a task that needs to be taken lightly. If you are not a trained tree professional, improperly topping trees can kill your tree and lead to serious injury. Topping is sometimes used as the last resort because if it’s not done right, it poses a great risk to the tree’s health.

If certain parts of the tree’s trunk are cut, it can lead to the death of the entire tree. Also, if too many of the tree’s leaves are removed, the tree won’t have the ability to feed it’s self properly through photosynthesis. Contact an arborist in Atlanta before you top your trees so they can advise you on the best course of action.
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The Process for Topping Trees

What exactly is the tree topping process? It is essentially the removing of limbs and branches in order to lower the overall height of a large tree. A tree removal company most often carries out the common practice of tree topping. These are the steps you can expect a tree service to take when they are topping your trees:

  • An arborist will inspect your trees to determine if they need topping or if any limbs are dead or diseased.
  • If the tree needs to be topped, a tree climber will scale the tree until he gets to the limbs that need to be removed with a chainsaw in tow. 
  • The tree expert will then start strategically removing the limbs until the crown is thinned out to your liking.>
  • Once the tree has been topped, the tree crew will clean up all debris, leaves, and branches.

One of the most important things is to find a tree service that can do a quality job but won’t charge you an arm or leg. If you want the tree service Alpharetta GA, residents trust with their tree topping, call Top Tree Service Company at any time. You can call us at 678-916-6040.
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Do You Need a Tree Topping Service?

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