Having an annual tree inspection is necessary if you want to keep your property safe and comfortable. Everything from your car to your home needs regular inspections to ensure everything is in working order and trees are no different. Trees and plants are subject to getting sick and becoming damaged just like anything else.

Having a tree inspection performed by a professional arborist is what homeowners who care about their property do regularly. Trees can be a valuable asset to your home, and without an annual arborist inspection, your tree’s health could be at risk.

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What is a Tree Inspection?

A tree inspection is when a trained tree professional thoroughly examines your trees to ensure they are in good health. Some of the things arborists will check during the tree inspection are:

  • The exterior of the bark of the tree. Signs of the disease can commonly be found by examining the bark of the tree. If the bark is weak or brittle or if the tree looks bleeding, it may have a disease that needs to be treated or limbs that need to be removed. 
  • The root system. If the root ball is damaged, exposed, or diseased, the entire tree could be at risk of dying or falling over. 
  • The canopy of the tree. If the canopy is too dense, the tree may need to be pruned to allow sunlight to get to other parts of the tree. Also, some branches may be dead or diseased, and they will need to be removed before they infect the whole tree. 
  • The soil around your tree. If the soil isn’t fertilized or able to provide the right nutrients for the tree, how can it be healthy?

During the tree inspection, the tree expert will check the tree from top to bottom, and they will give you a full report of the condition of your tree so you can decide what needs to get done to keep your trees healthy. Hopefully, your trees are in great shape, but if you find out that you have a dead or diseased tree, a tree removal service like Top Tree Service Company may need to come and remove the tree to keep you and your property safe. 

If you are looking to grow new trees, you can even get some fall tree planting tips from an arborist during a tree inspection. If you take the time to get a tree inspection, you might as well get as much out of it as you can. 

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Why Tree Inspections are Important

A tree inspection is the equivalent of you going to the doctor. It’s much easier to treat a problem with your trees if you catch it early than wait until it’s too late. Below is a list of why tree inspections are important and need to become a part of your routine landscaping maintenance.

Tree Infections Get Diagnosed Early

Trees can get diseases caused by fungi, insects, or bacteria, and if they are not addressed early, they can lead to the tree’s death, and you will have to find a tree service in Atlanta to remove them.

A certified arborist will know exactly what to look for and properly treat the trees for their ailment. Some specific pests and diseases are unique to Georgia, so finding a local tree service to do the tree inspection is important.

Structural Tree Damage is Identified

Any Physical damage due to storms, improper tree trimming, tree pruning, or disease can be identified during a tree inspection. Structural damage to your tree can make it hard for the tree to absorb oxygen and water, and it is crucial for your tree’s health that these types of damages are treated as soon as possible.
Improve the Safety of Your Property

Damaged or dead trees are a huge liability on your property. When you take steps to have a tree inspection performed, you will be protecting your loved ones and your property. If a damaged tree falls and hurts someone on your property, you could face legal action, which will far outweigh the tree inspection cost. Finding an arborist in Atlanta isn’t hard, all you have to do is Search “tree service near me,” and Google will give you a list of providers to choose from.

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Discover your Trees Watering Needs

If you don’t have the knowledge of an arborist, how will you know how much to water your tree? A tree inspection will allow you to create a proper watering routine for your trees, especially freshly planted trees.

The amount of water a tree needs depends on:

  • The type of tree
  • The age of the tree
  • Where the tree is planted
  • What time of the year is is
  • The tree’s health

An arborist will be able to tell you exactly how much water your tree needs to stay healthy with their wealth of tree knowledge.

Soil Requirements for Your Tree

The type of soil a tree is planted in is very important and can be a big factor in if you need sick tree treatment or if your tree is healthy. With a free inspection, you will learn what type of soil is best for your tree and how much fertilizer you should use.

Do you Need a Tree Inspection?

To sum it up, a tree inspection is important for the safety and health of your trees. Tree inspections will also save you money because you will manage problems early before they become disasters. 

You can get a FREE tree inspection if you call Top Tree Service Company. We are the tree service Dunwoody GA; homeowners trust the most when it comes to tree care. You can reach us anytime at 678-916-6040.

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