Tree thinning has many different names, such as tree trimming and tree pruning. You wouldn’t think there is a difference between tree trimming and tree pruning but there is, Tree thinning has a couple of differences between the other two terms mentioned as well, so read on so you can learn about tree thinning, how it’s beneficial, and how you can get your trees thinned.

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Why do People Thin Their Trees?

Tree thinning is when certain live branches and limbs are removed from the tree to reduce the density of the crown. Trees need to be thinned on a case-by-case basis. Tree thinning is a common type of pruning that is used on mature trees throughout the United States.

One of the benefits of thinning your trees is that it allows wind to pass through the tree easier, making the tree more durable in a storm or severe wind. It also allows the sun to penetrate through the crown of the tree onto the ground, giving the grass around the tree the sunlight it needs to be healthy.

The best reason for crown thinning is to reduce the tree’s amount of weight due to heavy limbs. If heavy branches aren’t thinned out, they can put the trunk of the tree under too much stress, causing it to split and crack. 

Trees are thinned for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • To keep your trees and the rest of your landscape healthy.
  • Tree limbs have become overgrown and are now a hazard.
  • Homeowners want their trees to look a certain way, and the only way to accomplish that is by tree thinning. 

The important thing to remember is that tree thinning is important for the health of your trees and your safety. You never know just how dangerous a tree can be until a heavy tree limb fall onto your house, car, or even you.

Species That Require Frequent Tree Trimming

The Tree Thinning Process 

Structural pruning should be done before the crown is thinned. As a matter of fact, the best way to thin a tree is structural pruning. The best approach you should take would be to prune the tree to remove any major limbs that are defective or pose a threat and then thin the tree to shape it in an aesthetically pleasing way to you.

Besides preventing possible storm damage to your trees, tree thinning is mostly for aesthetic purposes. During the tree thinning process, the tree service you hire will:

  • Inspect the tree to identify the branches and limbs that need to be removed to keep the tree healthy.
  • Climb the tree or use a crane to reach the limbs and remove them with a chainsaw.
  • Then you will discuss how you want the crown to look with the arborist, and they will thin the tree to your designs.
  • Once all the necessary limbs have been removed, all the tree debris will be loaded into trucks and hauled off.

One of the most important things you will have to do is find the right tree removal company to do the job. There are many tree services to pick from, so don’t just go with the first one you find. Ensure the tree company has the tools and experience to get the job done right, or they could do more harm than good.

Require Frequent Tree Trimming

Precautions to Take When Thinning a Tree

Many people prune when it is not necessary, or they misapply or misunderstand thinning, and subscribe to the practice of only removing branches from the crown’s interior. It is also known as lions-tailing, over-thinning, over lifting, or cleaning out the interior. It’s a mistake only to remove a little from the ends of the limbs.

Lions-tailing can cause the structure of the tree to become weak. Don’t be fooled just because you big piles of brush from the limbs you just trimmed. Bushy leaves can mislead you into thinking you have trimmed enough when you really haven’t. Make sure the tree service you hire is a reputable company that you can trust and isn’t just chopping away at your tree with no purpose other than to charge you a bill.

Frequent Tree Trimming

Do You Need Tree Thinning?

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