The trees in Savannah Georgia, have been an important part of Savannah’s landscape for centuries. For over 200 years, trees have been planted along Savannah’s roads, parks, and squares, giving the city beauty and summer shade. 

If you want to learn about all the different trees in Savannah Georgia, read this article to discover the best places to see the trees, their history, and the different types.

The Most Common Trees In Savannah Georgia

The live oak easily wins the title of Savannah’s most notable tree, lining streets, parks, and burial grounds throughout the city. It also happens to be Georgia’s state tree, which was declared in 1937. 

Today, these beautiful oaks, covered with huge, white drapes of Spanish moss, are one of Savannah’s most charming and distinct images. An image of the old south comes to mind when you see one of Savannah’s moss trees

Along with the Palmetto tree and the Magnolia tree, the Live oak was selected in the late 1800s as one of the most distinctive trees of the South and also most appropriate for planting on the street.

Besides these three chief trees, other species were chosen for the appeal and beauty of Savannah’s streets. 

The black gum tree, sweetgum, crape myrtle, and dogwood have lovely blossoms, all blooming at different times of the year so that there is always something beautiful for tourists and residents to look at. The combination of the the different trees in Savannah Georgia make the city one of the most beautiful places in the U.S.


Trees In Savannah Georgia


Recognizing Trees in Savannah Georgia

The Live Oak is the most common street tree in Savannah, noticeable because of its large size and the massive amounts of Spanish moss that hangs from its limbs. Live Oaks are also commonly called, “Savannah Moss Trees.”

 If you go to any part of historic Savannah such as Bull St., Victory Drive, Forsyth Park, River Street, or the City Square, you will find the Live Oak.

Another important southern tree, much less common than the live oak, however still prominent on the streets of Savannah, is the magnolia tree. With its big, waxy, dark green leaves, the magnolia tree is easy to identify. 


Recognizing Trees in Savannah Georgia


The crepe myrtle is another one of the super common trees in Savannah Georgia. The crepe myrtle is a slender, shrubby tree that produces large amounts of pretty flowers in the summer months.

The fourth most common street tree in Savannah, Georgia, is the palmetto tree. If you see a palm tree in Savannah, chances are it’s a palmetto tree.

If you take a walk through the streets of Savannah, you will also see the dogwood tree, noted by its wealth of white or pink spring blossoms. You may also see the tulip tree, whose leaves resemble a sycamore leaf.

Unique shrubs like the camellia, whose large, pink or white blossoms look a little bit like roses, are a common sight in Savannah, Georgia. 

Caring for Savannah’s Trees

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Tree Company In Savannah Georgia

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