Tree felling is a term that is used in the forestry industry. Tree felling is just another way of saying that you are cutting down a tree. This sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Tree felling is a very dangerous task, and if you don’t have the proper training and experience, it can lead to serious injury or death. Most people realize how dangerous tree felling can be and leave it to tree companies to handle the task.

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Tree felling is usually done with a chainsaw but, if the tree is small enough, you could easily cut it down with a hand saw. Tree removal company’s use of chainsaws is what makes felling trees so dangerous.

What is the Purpose of Tree Felling?tree felling‚Äč

Trees can die or become diseased, and when this happens, they can become a big threat to the environment. If a dead or diseased tree is left standing and a major storm passes through, it becomes a safety hazard for anyone nearby.
If the diseased trees are not contained, other trees can get the disease, and that can cause an entire species of trees to die out. When this is the case, a professional tree trimming and tree removal expert needs to be called immediately to take the appropriate action.

The faster the problem is identified, the faster it can be fixed to protect the other trees and the community where the infected trees are. A thorough inspection of any trees that may be diseased will determine the course of action that needs to be taken. When you’re dealing with dead and infected trees, felling them is the best option.

How dangerous is tree felling?tree felling service

Tree felling is a hard, dangerous process that should only be done by professionals that have the right training, tools, and experience. Because you’re dealing with sharp tools and heights of over 50 feet, it could lead to your death if you make one mistake. The cost of a trip to the hospital will be much more than the cost of hiring a tree company to fell a tree.

If you don’t have the experience of an arborist, there are a number of bad things that could happen if you attempt tree felling on your own. A short list of the dangers are:

  • You could fall off of the ladder and break a bone.
  • You could lose control of the chainsaw and cut yourself in a serious way.
  • You could drop the tree on your house or car.
  • You could be fined by your city if you don’t have the right permits to cut a tree down.

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